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traditional queue

Traditional mode

Like a always was, the traditional way of work of a queue


Create a new queue

  • You can create completely free a new queue,  no matter what kind of queue be.

  • The options are:

    • Event queue

    • Order queue

    • Auction queue

    • Traditional queue

Finish current position
(Workstation mixed)

  • Easy way to advance to the next position in 


  • In addition, you can choose between different mode of view your workstation.

    • Workstation: Complete dashboard where you could see a lot information about your queue​

    • Workstation mixed: In this mode QR code is in the same place than your workstation, si perfect to little performances.

    • QR Code viewer: Perfect view to share in your business through a TV or similar. 

QR code viewer

  • This view is how your client will see the QR code to join in your queue, moreover, they could see the current status of queue

Queue active detected

  • If you already have a created queue but this queue is not finished, the system will detect this and don't allow you to create a new queue until you finish the old queue.


Join in queue

  • How easy is join a queue

My turn

  • When you turn come, you will see the big green card where you could see a text saying you "It's your turn" and a alphanumeric ID to allow to queue owner check the match with your position. 

Queue view positions

  • This is the typical view of your joined queue, you are the green card and your number will decrease automatically driving you to the first position.

New user joined (workstation mixed)

  • In both, Worstation and Mixed Workstation you could se how the new position is added in the queue

Report user

  • The system offer you the possibility to report an user into queue if you see or suspect a bad behaviour. 

Discover auction mode

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